Mold Bases
XPress Mold Bases A Series Mold Bases B Series Mold Bases MUD Quick Change Mold Bases MoldBasics Mold Bases AX Series Mold Bases T Series Mold Bases X Series Mold Bases
Quick Delivery Mold Bases Cavity Retainer Sets Small and Shuttle Mold Bases Euro-Series Mold Bases

Mold Plates

RGM Plates Finished Ground Plates Ejector Housings Ejector Retainers Ejector Plates Rails Small Mold Plates

MUD Quick Change Mold Bases

MUD Frames MUD Inserts MUD Components Adapter Frames MUD Options

Mold Assembly Components

Screws Dowels Springs Washers

Standard Mold Components

Guide Pins Guide Bushings Ball Bushings Support Pillars Stop Pins/Disks/Buttons Sprue Bushings Locating Rings 3-Plate Extension Bushings

Pins, Sleeves and Blades

Straight Ejector Pins Shouldered Ejector Pins Return Pins Sprue Puller Pins Core Pins and Retainers Sleeves and Sleeve Extensions Blades Special Pins, Sleeves and Blades

Plate and Pin Control

Jiffy latch Lok Toggle-Lok Accelerated Ejectors Accelerated Knock-outs Latch Locks Latch Locks and Baffle Bars 2-Stage Ejectors Friction Pullers
Limit Switches Helical Gear Stack Mold Systems CounterView Mold Counters Straight Side Interlocks X-Style Interlocks IN2 Interlocks Parting Line Interlocks Tapered Round Interlocks
Tapered Rectangular Interlocks Black & Gold Side Interlocks Black & Gold Top Interlocks Early Ejector Return Assembly

TruCool Mold Cooling

Baffles Cascades Heat Pipes Bubbler Tubes, Plugs and Rods Jiffy Connectors Connectors Jiffy Bridges Bridges /
Water Jumpers
Insulator Sheets Brass Pressure Plugs Conformal Cooling

Couplers, Adapters and Connectors

Ball Valves and Gate Valves Water Couplers Air Couplers Hydraulic Couplers Pipe Nipples and Fittings Hose Barbs Pipe Adapters Helical Thread Inserts
Push-in Tube Fittings CAM and Groove Couplings Split Flange Adapters

Hoses, Tubing and Accessories

Air and Water Hoses Tubing Hose Accessories Ducts

Water Manifold and Accessories

Water Manifolds Flow Meters Flow Regulators Filters

Cavity and Core Components

Date Stamps Recycling Inserts Sintered Vents Cashew gate Inserts Runner Shut-Off Inserts Air Poppets

Slide Action

Mini-Might Slide Retainers SmartLock Slide Retainers Slide Retainer Assemblies Wear Plates Gib Assemblies Versa-Slide Angle Pins Angle Pin Inserts
Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cyclinders


Hydraulic Unscrewing Device Collapsible Cores Expandable Cavities Unilifter VectorForm

Hot Runner

Valve Gate Open/Thermal Gate Internally Heated Hot Runner Systems Hot Sprue Bushings Hot Runner Services

Temperature Controls

SmartSeries 1 & 2 Zone Temp Controls SmartSeries 5/8/12 Zones stackable to 48+ Smart Series TSP Temperature Control Systems Conversion Cable Products Replacement & Upgrade Kits GPMS Hot Runner Controller Wire and Supplies

Valve-Gate Controls

Hydraulic Pneumatic Accessories Timer Control Modules

Cavity Pressure Controls

Cavity Monitor/Controls Button Sensors Pressure Transducers Melt Pressure Gauges


AE Solutions Mold Flow Solutions Valve-Gate Solutions Helical Gear Multi-Parting Line Systems Clean Rooms

Die Casting

Single Unit Die Holders Double Unit Die Holders Single Heavy-Duty Unit Die Holders Double Heavy-Duty Unit Die Holders Replacement Inserts Heavy-Duty Replacement Inserts Sprue Spreaders Constant Area Sprue Spreaders
Runner Spreaders Die Clamps Chill Vents

Mold Sprays

Cleaners, Savers and Degreasers Mold Releases Rust Preventatives Lubricants Adhesives and Sealants Metal Polish/Diamond Compound Purging Compound Supplies and Tools


High-Speed Roughing Mills Tapered Milling Cutters Two and Four Flute End Mills Counterbores Machine Reamers Flexolap Sets Flexolaps Flexolap Replacement Parts
Midget Laps Straight Shank Long Drills Sprue Bushing Reamers Rout-A-Burr CIMCOOL


Ultraform Minitor D Series Files Rifflers Felt Bobs Abrasive Stones / Holders Air Grinders Mounted Points
Abrasive sheets / rolls / discs Polishing Brushes / Kit Compounds and Lubricants Comparison Kit

Mold Handling

Mold Straps Mold Clamps Lifting Slings Hoist Rings Eyebolts Latch Systems Lifting Magnets FasTie
Metal Markers Plate Pullers


Hot Runner Repairs Temperature Control Repairs Barrel Repairs ProWeld

Water Treatment

Filters Cooling Towers Chillers and Heaters Fluids Chemical Descalers Water Temperature Control Heat Exchangers
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Gauges

Machine Equipment

Hoppers, Dryers and Loaders Desiccant Dew Point Monitors Metal Separation Granulator Knives Cold Air Gun


Heater Bands Coil, Cartridge and Drum Heaters Strip and Tubular Heaters

Material Handling

Conveyors Tilters, Dumpers, Mixers and Bins Drum Covers, Curtains and Bins End of Arm Tooling Level Sensors Pneumatic Conveying Drop Trays

Injection Molding Machines

Injection Molding Machines Screw Tips Machine Nozzles Machine Mounts Tie Bar Covers Barrel Blankets Screws and Barrels Nozzle Tips
End caps

Extrusion Molding

Rupture Disks Static Control Air Wipes

Cutters and Trimmers

Quick Cut Hot Knife Deburring Tools Ceramic Tools and Blades Utility Knives and Blades Hose Cutters Gate Cutters Air Saw and Replacement Blades Air Powered Cutters
Electric Power Heated Cutters

Shop Supplies

Tally Counter Stop Watches Scales Plastic Scoops Packaging Clips Smart Caps Cleaning Pads Abrasives Cloth
Copper & Stainless Steel Gauze Pneumatic Filters & Regulators Industrial Fans & Blowers Hook and Loop INSIZE Precision Measuring Instruments

Hand Tools

Hammers Screwdrivers Wrenches Sockets Nut Drivers Hex Keys and Drivers Scrapers Pry Bars
Tape Measures Heat Guns Heat Sealers and Torches Cleaning Brushes Brass Mold Tools Sprue Pullers and Punches Blow Guns Flashlights
Miscellaneous Hand Tools

Fasteners and Joining

Socket Head Cap Screws Stripper Bolts T Slot Bolts Grade 5 Bolts - Inch Grade 5 Bolts - Metric Hex Nuts Washers Eye Bolts - Inch
Eye Bolts - Metric Cable Ties Thread Inserts Adhesives and Tape

First Aid, Personal Care and Safety

First Aid Sprays First Aid Kits Bandages Eye and Skin Flush Stations Hand Cleaners Supports Gloves Eye Safety
Ear Safety Hair and Beard Nets Safety Signs Protective Clothing Absorbent Products Respiratory Protection Non Slide Safety Tape