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The following mold base series are avialable as DME Standard Mold Bases

  • A-Series Mold Bases
  • B-Series Mold Bases
  • X-Series Mold Bases
  • AX-Series Mold Bases
  • T-Series Mold Bases
  • Cavity Retainer Sets

Steel Types and Plate Thicknesses Included in DME Standard Mold Base program

  • DME #1, #2 and #3 steel from 7/8" thick to 5-7/8" thick
  • DME #7 steel from 7/8" thick to 2-7/8" thick

The following features are available within the DME Standard Mold Base program

  • 1-piece or 3-piece housing (standard D-M-E rails)
  • Ejector housing covers
  • Relocate or omit return pins
  • Relocate or omit assembly screws (top and/or bottom)
  • Relocate or omit assembly screws in ejector set
  • Relocate or omit leader pins and bushings
  • Relocate or omit center holes
  • Relocate or omit stop pins in ejector bar
  • Sprue puller pin of your choice
  • Machining for all D-M-E sprue bushings and most clamp slots
  • Machining for most locating rings

DME Standard Mold Base Request for Quote

DME's Quick Delivery Special Mold bases start with any of the above standard mold baes and include any of the QDS 5, 7 or 11 day features.
QDS 5 day features

  • Machine for and install support pillars
  • Machine spring holes
  • Drill and tap safety strap holes
  • Rough mill/bore cavity and core pocket; blind or through

QDS 7 day features

  • Drill and tap horizontal water lines
  • Drill water pipe clearance holes
  • Drill vertical water lines
  • Machine for DME angle pin inserts
  • Finish mill/bore cavity and core pocket; blind or through

QDS 11 day features

  • Machine for DME parting line interlocks
  • Provide special thickness plates

All ship dates are calculated from the date by which final customer information is received.

Call a DME Customer Serivce Representative for a quote or to place an order:
If calling within the USA, please call 1-800-626-6653
If calling within Canada, please call 1-800-387-6600>

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