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Available in three sizes, Die Cast Chill Vents are often used with permanent molds for die casting light metals such as Aluminum or Magnesium. The chill vent functions as a means of efficiently exhausting residual air and/or gas from the inside to the outside of a die cast mold cavity.

Chill vents minimize the spouting of molten metal and reduce flashing when charging molten metal into the die cavity. If residual air and/or gas remain in the die cavity, the result may be gas holes in the casting that degrade product quality.

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Die Cast Chill Vents X=135 Y=80 Z=50 PIN=10, 2 PCS

Die Cast Chill Vents X=175 Y=90 Z=50 PIN=10, 2 PCS

Die Cast Chill Vents X=185 Y=100 Z=50 PIN=10, 2 PCS


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