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Anti-Static Tinsel

For more than five decades, Anti-Static Tinsel has been the most effective low-cost, low-maintenance passive static electricity elimination product available. Its 100% ultra-conductive copper strands eliminate static through the “self-energizing” or inductive principle. The core is made of multiple copper wires to ensure positive grounding and strength. The fine, sharply pointed copper strands provide greater static elimination. The conductive strands are interspersed to maximize effectiveness, but are not so dense as to make it easy to collect dust and dirt particles.

Multiple Applications
Resistant to breakage, mtatting and shedding, Anti-Static Tinsel is effective in the elimination of static electricity generated by conveyors and moving webs, and used in many industries, including plastics, printing, paper, and textiles.

Anti-Static Tinsel
works most effectively when placed close to - but not in contact with - the surface to be neutralized. The higher the troubling static charges, the more efficiently the tinsel works.

Anti-Static Tinsel works great when used in winding, extruding, sheeting, slitting, coating, carding, slashing, wrapping and folding operations.

Tinsel Specifications

100% copper strands and core wires in 1.25” dia. × 36 ft. coils

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