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DME Hydraulic Locking Core Pull (HLCP) Cylinders

  • Seven standard sizes, each with 2 standard off-the-shelf stroke options
  • High Locking loads for operating and locking sliding cores
  • High-accuracy inductive proximity sensors with no moving parts equals longer service life
  • Off-the-shelf replacement seal kits and sensors
  • Simplifies mold design

Recommended system temperature/pressure upper limits:
- Service temperature limit of Cylinder assembly with supplied Proximity Sensors used: 176°F (80°C)
- Service temperature limit of Cylinder assembly, assuming external limit switches are used (not supplied with cylinder): 356°F (180°C).  Note:  Service temperature will be limited what the external limit switches can withstand - please refer to the manufacturer information for chosen limit switches.
- Hydraulic service pressure limit of cylinder assembly: 3625 PSI

- Note: 870 PSI holding pressure is required at all times to maintain cylinder lock when piston rod is in full forward position.
Please refer to the installation instructions for more detail on application, installation, electrical wire up and service.

Note:  Proximity sensors supplied with this device are standard NPN type inductive sensors that require power (electrical service) to generate a signal.  If only dry contacts are available on the intended injection molding machine, please refer to the installation instructions for suggested alternative wire-up method, or use external limit switches in your mold.

To speak to a DME Customer Serivce Representative:
 If calling within the USA, please call 1-800-626-6653
 If calling within Canada, please call 1-800-387-6600

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