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DME High-Temperature Insulator Sheets are used on molds and dies between the top clamping plate and the stationary platen, and between the bottom of the ejector housing and the movable platen. The thermal insulating properties of the unique asbestos-free, glass-reinforced polymer composite inhibit heat transfer from the mold to the platen, or from the platen to the mold (depending on the application), which helps conserve energy and prolong machine life. High-Temperature Insulator Sheets have excellent non-deformation characteristics and a compressive strength that's higher than asbestos and mica materials.

DME Pre-Machined Insulator Sheets are designed to fit most standard mold base sizes. DME Pre-Machined Insulator Sheets include assembly screw hole clearance, locating ring clearance hole, and insulator sheet mounting holes. DME Pre-Machined Insulator Sheets are available in 1/4" or 1/2" thicknesses and are specifically designed to be 1/16" shorter on all sides to prevent sheet damage during mold handling.

  • Asbestos-free material
  • High compression strength
  • Machinable with high-speed cutting tools
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