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Straight and Spiral Brass Baffles

DME Straight and Spiral Brass Plug Baffles are constructed entirely of high-quality brass with blades brazed to the plugs for long, dependable service. They provide a high-pressure seal through a deliberate difference in taper between the plug and tapped hole. With a primary function of splitting the drilled waterline into two equal channels, Brass Plug Baffles divert the flow to travel up to and over their ends and down the other side. Spiral Baffles improve cooling balance by creating turbulent action in the channel, thus reducing laminar or straight-layered flow patterns and providing efficient coolant movement.

Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles
Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles provide superior mold cooling performance versus traditional brass baffles. The units feature patented side wipers that prevent coolant blow-by, thus ensuring coolant flow to the end of the baffles. Plastic Baffles have built-in ribs that create turbulent flow and reduce stagnant laminar flow. The product is effective in improving cooling of targeted hot spots and dramatically improves cooling time. Molded of non-hygroscopic, glass-reinforced engineering-grade thermoplastic (polypthalamide) that excels under high heat, Plastic Baffles provide better temperature stabilization. Pre-wrapped with PTFE tape, the product has a maximum coolant temperature of 212° F.

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